As we cautiously reopen with smaller excursions sizes (8 Passengers MAX For family or group circles or 6 Passengers unrelated) we welcome you and your group aboard for our 2023 season once we get Transport Canada approval.

To keep everyone safe and secure while aboard we have developed a set of protocols to assist you and ourselves stay safe while cruising with us this season. Please see below and find out how we are doing our part to help ensure your safety and comfort while with us on an excursion. As restrictions loosen up, we will add more times and dates of excursions and allow more online bookings to happen.


If you have specific questions or would like to speak to us directly please email us at And as always you can reach us by text or phone at 519 718 9608 (24hr) or 519 410 1801 (9-5)

Please include in your email:

  1. The total number of your group?
  2. How many adults, children or seniors?
  3. Time you wish to depart?
  4. What excursion choice would your group like? (List is below for two-hour excursion choices)
  5. Your full name and contact number you can be reached at during regular business hours.
  6. We will email you back confirming your seats aboard, your pick up and drop off location and include the total cost of your excursion.

Two Hour Programs Available

Eastern Marsh Tour / Western Marsh Tour / Long Point Sunset Tour / The Run to Potahawk / The Shallows of Long Point


Payment can be handled by our online booking platform or by staff consent, cash or credit card the day of the excursion.

What do you need to board the vessel?

a) A fully signed waiver, which can be downloaded HERE prior to the excursion to save time on the day of or be done the day of the excursion. Please note only one parent or guardian has to place the children’s names on their forms. Temperature lines are for staff to fill in. Anyone over the age of 18 MUST sign their own waiver.

As per Transport Canada a non-surgical face covering, bandana, or scarf must be worn prior to boarding by each person while aboard the vessel.

Exceptions are people with severe breathing issues and/or children under 3 years of age.

b) Submit to a forehead temperature check PRIOR to and then immediately AFTER the tour.

c) Listen to Transport Canada Appendix A prior to boarding.

Day of Excursion:

a) Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your excursion, please use the washroom facilities prior to boarding.

b) We ask you to allow for a social distancing of 6 feet between people. When you arrive at the departure location we ask you to utilize your protective face coverings you have brought with you. Each person over the age of 18 is required to sign and complete the full waiver.

c) After the waiver is complete the captain will signal you to come forward and have their temperature checked prior to boarding the vessel. ANY TEMPERATURE OVER 37.8C WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BOARD. Once on board, you are expected to use supplied ISO GEL or to wash your hands in our sink area provided after any ashore activity.

d) You will be offered seating which both trims the vessel and also keeps social distancing expectations. This location will be your seat for the duration of the excursion, unless the captain asks you to move seating.

e) Before departure, the captain will give a safety brief on safety equipment aboard including proper emergency lifejacket usage and their locations around the vessel.

f) The captain will read Appendix B from Transport Canada prior to departure.

While on excursion:

a) We may see other boaters or head to a destination with other people. We ask you keep your social distance of 6 feet and utilize your face coverings as if you were on the boat. Exemption would be swimming.

b) Smoking of any kind or drinking alcoholic beverages while aboard the vessel is never permitted but snacks and drinks (nonalcoholic) are fine. Please ensure all wrappers and containers are stowed away in the garbage bags provided on board.

c) Upon returning to port each person will again wash their hands with products provided and have their temperature taken prior to exiting the vessel on their waiver for our files.

In conclusion:

This COVID -19 response for added safety and security will be a fluid document, amended as new guidelines are given out by the Province or the Chief Medical Officer for Ontario.


Graham Ferguson

Owner / Captain Interpretive guide