Final Top Coat – CHIMO II

Final top coat is now on CHIMO II and I must say she is looking as good as her 1971 debut, possibly even better.

CHIMO II will sit for a day or two before we paint on her strips and take her to IDLE Hour for her final deck fitting.

It is a real pleasure to work on something my dad built years ago, A special restoration with return to duty shortly

Graham Ferguson

PLAA time

PLAA time this evening/morning concluded with CHIMO II getting her first top coat 90% applied.

(We have more to do, but we ran out of top coat… Thirsty boards.)

Sleep well CHIMO II we will see you tonight for your last coat after some gentle sanding.

That is some nice looking dingy right there

Being a family restoration, every twist of a bolt or minor repair I make to this little dingy is piece of much loved family history. 48 years ago my dad made this.
Years later his eldest son is preserving and putting CHIMO II back into service.

Powerful therapy during what is a trying time on some level for everyone during the lockdown.

My dad built the original CHIMO in 1970 which ran until he sold her in ’85. She was 23′ express craft in a house boat configuration. CHIMO II was stored on the roof.

Idle is a 1965 Chris Craft Cavalier with some differences but is very close to what as CHIMO was. This weekend, on her roof will be my dad’s restored boat, CHIMO II.

It is also his birthday this month, so he should get a kick out of seeing and taking her for a spin soon with a bit of history above him, like old times.

Graham Ferguson

PLAA time #3

PLAA time (Pandemic Lockdown Alternative Activity) #3 CHIMO II.

CHIMO II is all sanded, prepped and will have her first top coat on her hull done shortly. i have never done 3 wooden boats in our boating downtime. It has been a real help to keep me focused. It is also fantastic so many look in and see our work, (on water or off) and it is my continued pleasure to take you on wooden journeys in between seasons on water.

Our family legacy boat should be done and installed on IDLE by Saturday… That is the goal… Stay tuned

Retro evening

Listening to 50’s and 60’s music into the wee hours of Tuesday morning at Ryerson’s island on our 1965 Chriscraft Cavalier… smooth as glass out here tonight, just outside the inner bay at Long Point Ontario Canada. I’m moored pretty close to where our home-built family boat moored for Saturdays at this same island 40 years ago. It is so beautiful out here.

Feeling a little nostalgic, good memories.

Be well, see everyone soon.

Boat restoration #3

Boat restoration #3
(The rebirth of CHIMO II)

This little all wooden gem is a family heirloom.

She may not look like much, but this little dingy was our parents transportation to islands and safety net while cruising the Trent Severn waterway system with two young kids in tow in the cruiser. Our big adventure was always Georgian Bay and camping mooring off islands and rowing to shore for the toilet and solid ground and hibachi burgers… (the best).

*** Imagine a month with your parents in a 23 foot express craft boat,,, I’ll give you a min to mull that over…

Later, she was the boat we used as kids to row around Ryerson’s island at Long Point Ontario when mom, and dad moored the big boat for the day.

When dad sold the CHIMO this dingy was tied up in the rafters of our garage at Long Point for 20 years. She went home to our parent’s place years later and survived pretty good in an old horse stall, inside and out of the elements.

With IDLE HOUR looking like our old home built express cabin cruiser CHIMO in so many ways, I figured this dingy could again be that safety and fun addition to our boating collection.

When done, CHIMO II will again adorn the hard top of an express cabin cruiser, Idle Hour. like retro hat from generations gone by.

*** We will show you updates on our PLAA time videos on Instagram. PLAA stands for Pandemic Lockdown Alternative Activity time.