Two (sand) Bar Tour

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“Welcome to the wettest (sand) bar tour in Norfolk county.”

A new experience for 2021.

Groups will be immersed into the Long Point Biosphere by boat, seeing first hand one of North America’s youngest geologic features.  Guests will see first-hand the effects of wind and water at Long Point by seeing some of the outlying features, further away from and only accessible by boaters.


Guests will experience two (sand) bars away from the main body of the sand spit we know and love as Long Point Ontario.  Experience a unique view and a different perspective from the world’s longest fresh water sand spit.  As one of North America’s youngest natural features, Long Point has been designated as Ontario’s only designated a “Priority Place” (UNESCO) for containing more endangered species per capita than any other region within Canada.  For more information of the Long Point area please click here  for a link to the Long Point Biosphere Reserve and their work and that of others with the Biosphere area.  Within this beauty and we will view places on land from the water that have never walked upon by humans, see the end Long Point and have time for a walk or swim along each of these interesting features while hearing between locations, stories of local and natural history.  This experience is perfect for groups of 5 to 7, good friends or family.  Opportunities to enjoy food and non-alcoholic beverages or a quick stop at various ports to enjoy local food options while aboard is available at additional cost.

Experience additions

BOGA (Boating-Yoga) Guest will enjoy a fantastic yoga experience with a certified instructor while on one of the sandbars, incorporating moves to challenge your group while enjoying the unique location.

Cost:  $25.00 per person for a half hour group lesson at each location.


This excursion will be three hours in duration, departing at 9am and returning no later than 12:30pm, unless additional time is arranged.


Cost for this excursion will be $70.00 per adult$65.00 per Senior (65 and over) and $25.00 per child, (12 and under). Excursion minimum guest count, unless relaxed by the captain will be held at 5 adult passenger fares. 

Guests health requirements:

Guests will be responsible for and will be required to wear masks and use hand sanitizers or soap and water to entering and leaving the vessel.


Guests can meet us at our commercial dock at the Port Rowan for the excursion.

For an additional fee of $25.00, seawall pick up and drop off may be possible at either Long Point or Turkey Point Ontario.

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